Wearable Tech That Also Charges Your Many Accessories

Living an endlessly hectic lifestyle, as almost all of us do, we know we regularly need a bag on us to carry some of essential daily accessories around. These accessories may include anything ranging from your laptop, tablets, books, snacks and stuff like this but more often than not, it includes your electronics. It’s 2019 and we bring iPads, mobile phones and other tech-heavy accessories everywhere we go. So naturally, it can be tricky to keep tabs on the gadgets we have charged last and when. Nothing becomes more of a downer than relaxing on the subway, set to play some of your favorite video games, then realizing you forgot to charge your phone. If that is often the case, then this one is for the wearable tech accessories aficionado in your life.

Well, come on folks, the future is now and there must be a solution to this conundrum that mobile devices don’t operate on endless power. Your gadgets need to be charged routinely and it's natural to forget nowadays in one's occupied schedule. Thanks to the new advancements in technology, you won’t have to worry about losing juice on your mobile phone or tablet right before needing to find a public restroom again. So if you’re after something more than the standard power bank solution to fulfill your wearable tech quest this time, look no further…

We at TechDoodas, who have been in this game for a while, have a collection of wearable tech accessories that makes carrying your laptop a breeze and will also keep all of your devices charged, primed and ready to go. All you have to do is slip your phone or tablet in the bag, connect them to the charger and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. These bags work with all iOS and Android devices and even tech like Kindles, tablets and anything else that can connect with a USB cable. In addition to that, you may notice these bags are stylish and perfectly suited for city life to provide an ultimate wearable tech experience.

Okay, so let's dive into the specifications. Inside the bag is a removable and rechargeable battery that’s connected to a dock with USB ports attached for charging up just about any electronic accessory. This does add a smidgen of weight to the bag, however, is it worth it? With all our hearts, we say yes! These messenger bags are available on our tech gear store for a very affordable price, available now. At last, you can be lazy and forgetful in peace.

Top of the list is Mark Rydan anti-theft waterproof laptop backpack that features an in-built USB charger to instantly start charging your phone. This collection consists of multiple styles in different colors with oxford material. It sports a soft handle for an arcuate shoulder strap. The point here is that this bag looks like any other option available in the market, but the ingenious tech inside makes it all that much more practical to use and handle.

These bags have proven anti-theft design thanks to each pocket perfectly hiding the zipper and keep you away from thieves. Meanwhile, the backside hidden zipper protects your valuables such as mobile phones, ID cards, wallets, etc. The front side is made of waterproof and cut-resistant fabric, which makes you safe when using it making it perfect for business trips/weekends/ office/school/family. All you have to do is slide your device into the bag pocket no matter if you’re on the run or sitting in a train it will instantly start charging your device. Even better, the technology used in this product is light, travel-safe, wallet safe, and compatible around the globe. 

Now, when we’re at a pivotal point in the evolution of wearable tech and accessories, as so-called “geek” fashion has played itself out. Technology has become more mature and the public appears to want something a bit more, well, wearable and practical. Visit our online store TechDoodas and we can promise you that you will not find yourself short of options.



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