Treat Your Mobile Phone With These Useful Yet Stylish Accessories Available Online


With the emerging smartphone market, the demand for mobile accessories has just seen a fourfold increase online. This is primarily due to the fact they are the only answer when we need the added functionality to the basic features in our devices. We already use a wide range of accessories with our mobile devices and we do it because these little devices make our day-to-day lives easygoing and we are also able to keep up with the "What's Trending" race, too. So, we have come up with some cutting-edge must-have cell phone accessories available online.

Portable Charger

For anyone with an active lifestyle, a smartphone is grossly inadequate without a Portable Charger. With an average Li-Po or Li-Ion battery equalling to a median capacity of 3500 mAh, it is impracticable to run your smartphone all day long without extra juice. Activities like hardcore (Okay, let's say medium?) gaming, music and a plethora of applications exhaust the battery capacity well before you are done for the day. At that critical moment when you HAVE to make that call to your roommate to pick you up because you've got a flat tire in the middle of the night, your salvation will be that portable charger that keeps your cell phone alive. Portable chargers are available at any mobile accessories shop online and there are many options to choose from. A good recommendation would be getting something bigger around 15,000mAh to go through the day with heavy usage.

Smart Cases for your Smartphone

Almost every mobile phone user around the world uses decorative and protective cases for their smartphones. As such, this list of cell phone accessories is incomplete without them. We have a wide range of options available at our online shop. One of the finest, Baseus cases is famous for the protective features they provide. Similarly, the new Tiegem smart case gives you the abstract design with the option of kickstand feature. This will look like a normal case of which you can use the cover to place your phone horizontally (Think Movies!). These cases are available in different variants starting from leather to plastic and silicon, keeping you up with the trend as well.

Smart Wearable devices

We live in an internet era, let's be honest. As smartphones with superior computational power have entered the game, smart wearable devices are the buzz word in the tech industry. Most would prefer to get a smartwatch today instead of a normal analog or digital watch. Smartwatches enables you to handle multiple tasks at once, i.e. text replies, WhatsApp, set alarms and reminders, health-related checks like heart-rate, sleep REM cycle, steps count and more. Imagine cell phone accessories that manage to practically do it all and could be paired with your smartphone wirelessly. Yup...that's Smart Wearables for you.

USB OTG flash drive

So you own a device with good configuration but have memory limitations at 32GB or 64GB, what will you do? Well, you just can’t upgrade the storage on your mobile phone these days but what you can you do is get a USB OTG flash drive. Almost all of the devices today have OTG support or alternatively, you can get access to that feature by having elevated (root) access to the device. OTG flash-drives are convenient and are available at a super affordable price. You can store your important documents in a flash drive and insert it in your phone. It's as simple as that. Instead of upgrading your phone, getting a USB OTG flash drive is the much smarter option. These pen drives are available on our mobile accessories shop online.

Virtual Reality Headsets

VR is one of the best inventions today in the personal entertainment and gaming industry. In fact, in the coming years, the VR industry is expected to hold a colossus-sized market-share at $120 billion. This has been a game-changer in terms of an almost-too-real-and-highly-immersive experience. Next-generation video games and videos are going to be VR enabled and the Entertainment Industry is about to be flipped upside-down with VR becoming mainstream. You are not going to want to miss this phenomenal experience. So, what are you waiting for? Come check out our exciting VR options at our online mobile accessories shop.

There are many more cell phone accessories available online, We will try to cover in our next blog. For future updates, stay connected to our blog.



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