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Ever since I was a wee lad, I always loved playing video games with my older brother. We had an NES and Super Nintendo with a bajillion Mario Bros. games, Pac-man, Zelda and much more. Then, we got a Nintendo 64, followed by the Playstation and Xbox. To this day, I just love to immerse myself in games after a loathing day at work. As you can probably guess, I have always been a fan of high tech consoles and gaming accessories.

Through the '90s and '00s, we've become used to both types of gaming: console systems for multiplayer and smaller devices for individual play. But the biggest change in modern gaming is the expansion of newer gaming peripherals and accessories coupled with the Internet that transformed the gaming from an in-home practice to one that reaches around the world. We now seldom see a console release that isn't meant to be played among friends over the Internet with a fresh batch of gaming peripherals designed to help you scrape peak enjoyment out of the latest games.

Contrary to graphics cards, processors and other components that get more robust as time goes on, gaming peripherals follow no clear outline. As such, the inventors tend to focus on purpose, novelty and, of course, user leanings. This season we've witnessed more RGB-backlit keyboards, controllers, mice and headsets than you could swing a USB stick at. And if you haven't upgraded to the best gaming peripherals yet then, well, let's just say you're not short of alternatives if you want to make the leap.

Without further delay, let's see which gaming peripherals and accessories we've enjoyed wielding in our ambitious hands in 2019.



Of all the peripherals to dash out on, none can instantly elevate your game like a surround-sound gaming headset – and the EDIFIER G4 Gaming Headset does it in a style without effort. With a light and snug headband with a built-in 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Card delivering vibration for a more immersive experience, they’re great for both extensive gaming sessions and listening to music on your smartphone thanks to their surprisingly lengthy cable.

The SADES A6 boasts clear acoustics and solid bass that really shows once you activate the USB 7.1 sound channel effect decoding chip for Surround Sound mode with noise canceling technology which makes all the difference when one bullet in an FPS match spells game over.

In comparison to other commercially available headsets, the RGB lit Salar C13 proves its potential with features such as 40mm neodymium magnetic driver units, The speakers deliver vivid sound field with clarity with shock feeling while high sensitive microphone reduces background noise and brings you a high-quality conversation



The gaming landscape has changed much since the last two decades, the keyboard and mouse have remained the same. With that being said, we will advise you to stack up your new PC with the best gaming peripherals you can get.

The Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth 4.0 Gaming Keyboard stands apart from the conventional keyboards by featuring a low-profile frame and shorter, carved mid-rise keys. The result is a keyboard that lets you achieve multi-taps and other key commands in a fraction of a second while feeling effortless to type on.

GameSir GK300 is a Bluetooth 4.2 enabled Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that features new wireless connections with 1ms Ultra-low latency. It is equipped with 104 TTC mechanical Blue switches, enabling up to 50 million keystroke lifespan. We also love its sturdy aluminum alloy top plate and non-slip rubber mat, which ensures that you're always comfortable during the game.


Wireless Mouse

Everything in broad spectrum of gaming accessories has lighting these days – from gaming headsets to  CPU cabinets and even keyboards. It was only a matter of time before your mouse started radiating the rainbow.

On the same note, say Hello, to the iMice X7 Wired Gaming Mouse. Available in micro-textured finish. Its highlight, however, is its 7 buttons with scroll wheel and customizable lighting that can be customized to glow along with other peripherals.

No company on the market does wireless mice quite as well as ZUOYA. The ZUOYA Professional Gaming Mouse features a simple design with a high-quality hard plastic shell and comfortable rubber grips on the sides. It also includes some of the most impressive mechanical buttons we’ve seen, with each click giving just the right amount of tension and response.



While they’re not likely to replace your keyboard and mouse for most PC games, Bluetooth game controllers are the perfect thing for platformers, puzzle games or even third-person action games. You may notice that most of them vary greatly price-wise. Even though they offer the exact same functionality. There are a ton of budget-friendly options for you to choose from.

Gamers who prefer playing FPS or action games will enjoy using a PC Bluetooth game controller. The GameSir T4 Dual Vibration Wireless Controller is our top pick because it’s one of the most competent PC controllers, as well as a few additional features: it has 600 mAH non-removable rechargeable battery. It connects wirelessly or with USB and can be used with a separate gaming headset. This Bluetooth game controller works great with Windows PC.



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