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There is no limitation to the amount of money you can dish out to buy all sorts of ludicrous gadgets, from toothbrushes with Bluetooth to selfie toasters, yes...selfie toasters. But there’s only a handful of tech accessories that we really can’t do without. So, as you plan to stock up on tech essentials, what should you be looking for? From laptops and tablets to smartphones and smart tech, there are plenty of options to choose from a tech gear store– so let's have a look at some of the most vital tech.


Wearable tech has progressed a lot from being just the basic fitness trackers of a decade ago. Not only are they thinner, compact and have skyrocketing computational power, but they’re also finding new habitats beyond the wrist. To understand how spectacularly the wearables tech gear landscape has evolved, just flashback to the late 2000's when they first hit the market. The diminutive snap-on devices could compute how many steps you have taken, calories burned, your sleep behaviors and — whelp, not much otherwise, really. Nevertheless, it was Jaw-dropping at the time. Now it seems antiquated.


However, wearables today aren’t confined to just the wrists or ears. As technologies break new ground, companies are starting to compete for other territories on the body. Today’s wearables perform complicated duties— fitness tracking and health surveillance, push notifications to your smartphone, email and instant messages, calls, music, and access to compatible apps. We have an exquisite collection of premium wearable tech gear like smart bands and smartwatches to take care of every possible need of your day to day routine at super affordable prices.


Consumer tech growth has seen even the modest travel bag usher in new possibilities in the past decade. No more is it just a space to keep your laptop...or your flask. Travel bags of today have power charging for your smartphone, GPS capability, and, as all backpacks must, still deal with being tossed around. We have some of the most premium quality yet cost-effective high-tech backpacks that, for sure, can still take on the ravages of time and usage. The BOPAI Business Travel Backpack is the paramount “smart backpack”. It’s got a slick, modern design, and it comes with its on-board USB port and charging cable. Swell! Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Cross-body Bag is another modern, elegantly-designed backpack with an astonishingly spacious laptop sleeve and much-needed water resistance.  A USB port, too, naturally.


The phone charger is probably the most useful and welcomed accessory in personalized tech gear. So purchasing a good one is probably worth the money. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 5-Port USB Wall Charger is affordable and will give you a heap of charges, which beats buying drinks you don’t need at a coffee shop just to be able to plugin. If you are driving, consider TIEGEM Dual USB Charger. Recharging your devices while driving helps counter the “I should have charged before leaving home” factor and allows you to freely use your device to map your route, play music or podcasts or maybe entertain your kids in the back seat without draining away the battery.


Our collection of premium speakers combines all of the traditional components of a stereo system with high fidelity audio technology to provide the best possible sound quality. The biggest advantages of these speakers are 1) sound quality and 2) ease of use and 3) best budget. Xiaomi is well known for its affordable active loudspeakers, and might just be the best. It has a full-range audio crossover, which many higher-priced speakers have utilized for years, allowing them to deliver a superior level of detail and airiness.


One of the most important features is the built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth. This is still a rather uncommon feature, often found only on the latest and more advanced soundbar speaker systems. One such excellent Bluetooth enabled home theater system is CAV TM1100 Home Theater Soundbar. It comes paired with a 5.25 Inches 35W RMS wireless subwoofer and is capable of relatively very good sound. Wi-fi and Bluetooth enable you to easily stream music from your HDTV. If most of your music is stored on your smartphone, a soundbar with built-in Bluetooth would surely represent a great, single speaker solution, to enjoying better sound.


Building on the success of its premium tech gear lineup, we are an online electronics store in Jacksonville Florida. We regularly make new additions to our product line, built to the same high-quality standards which established its reputation for quality; each new product is tested to meet the high expectations of both professional and home users.



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