Gaming Peripherals: Why Are They Essential For A Gamer?

PC Gaming is a serious enterprise. The video game industry by itself is worth a staggering $152 billion (yeah, with a b) in 2019 and the numbers keep rising. In the U.S. alone, gaming revenue is forecasted to reach $250 billion by 2023, making it the largest videogame marketplace in the world. Odds are, you have plenty of games on your mobile phone and probably have a gaming PC or a console at home equipped for some hardcore gaming stints. But if you are here to learn about gaming peripherals – let’s just limit it to PC and consoles this time.


Manufacturers from around the world have been designing and developing gaming peripherals beyond just the mouse, joystick and keyboard for decades. While some peripherals are created for sturdiness and being robust, others are for added functionality and overall immersive gaming experience. Most of them look ultramodern and stylish but all of them are built for one purpose, to give the best darn gaming experience hardcore gamers deserve.


For the ultimate gaming experience, best gaming peripherals should rank second to a high-performance gaming rig. More than just fancy ornaments to your gaming station, peripherals such as headsets, controllers and mice/keyboards are imperative for both functionality and enjoyment. These unacknowledged champions of gaming are all too easy to be overlooked, but they matter far more than one might think.


Consider for a minute that a gaming mouse and keyboard or a good ol' BlueTooth controller is your standard input devices – the single medium by which you can use your computer and play your games. With touchscreens being inefficient, thanks to constant lag and latency issues, there are pretty much no games worth playing that can rely wholly on touchscreens. One day in the distant future...maybe. For now, the old tried and true combination of mouse/keyboard and BlueTooth controller win without a doubt.


In most 3D video games, and certainly most computer activities like browsing or navigation, the mouse is the primitive interaction device. It is how to navigate, strike, communicate and do a ton of other things. Almost all of the MMO and MOBA games are designed around a point-and-click approach, implying they utilize mice extensively. But the heavy usage can render the devices prone to glitches and their use eventually becomes uncomfortable. Thus, it is necessary to go with ergonomically designed technology that is suitable for various hand adjustments and both easy and pleasant to hold. Sensors that provide a sweet equilibrium between speed, sensitivity, and accuracy are an absolute must. These features can make the difference between defeat and victory in any game.


Furthermore, a reliable keyboard is pre-requisite to nearly every game, not to mention crucial for other non-gaming pursuits. (however trivial to gaming those maybe!) As with the mouse, keyboards are used to their breaking point, especially by hardcore gamers. You will need a device that can handle the havoc of extreme gaming sessions without breaking on you. The keyboard buttons must durable and responsive, offering an indispensable balance of quick but fluent sensitivity. And as with a mouse, this peripheral needs to mimic the same ergonomic layout – you do not want to find yourself fatigued or otherwise exhausted after a prolonged gaming session.


So with top-of-the-line, carefully engineered gaming peripherals, you can enjoy maximum performance, comfort, and usability no matter which game you are playing. Such vital gadgets can be found right here at Techdoodas. The peripherals offered at our gear shop represent the best and latest in leading-edge technology and novelty.


From aesthetically pleasing keyboards to exceptionally responsive mice and immersive headsets, Techdoodas has you equipped for your upcoming gaming adventure with state-of-the-art gaming peripherals.



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