An Insight Into Automobile Tech You Need Right Now

Since the beginning of the industrial age, men and cars have always been made for each other. However, today, it has been proven that cars are loved by all genders, ethnic groups and walks of life. 

If you are also a car enthusiast, then this post is certainly for you. Continue reading to learn about cool car accessories that make a wonderful addition to your Automobile experience.

When it comes to staying at the forefront of keeping your journey exciting and thrilling, we are no strangers to leading the field in Automobile Tech. I am sure you would love to pack your car with all safety and comfort accessories available, wouldn’t we all? Great news, we celebrate those special products that were made just for you and your automobile.

Your auto travel checklist should incorporate all major automobile technologies which can accommodate immensely to your needs and pleasure when you are driving and also to those who are enjoying the ride along with you.

Your car's air environment should be as fresh as can be, devices and gadgets should be receiving the charge they need along with ease of use, handling, and support. Your phone calls, while driving, should be the most convenient and in case of an emergency you should be well-equipped to face head-on even before problems arise.

Below, I have listed a few budget-friendly automobile products where a substantial feature/price difference is clearly noticeable compared to our competitors.

Choose from these exceptional automobile utility accessories and gadgets:

Xiaomi 70mai Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS):

Xiaomi TPMS comes with solar power and USB dual charging mode, making it convenient and is environmentally friendly. It adopts a car gauge level sensor to support intelligent wake-up, intelligent interconnection, real-time monitoring, and dual charging. The receiver adopts two-color negative display technology to support real-time monitoring pressure and temperature of all 4 tires. It takes just 1 second to detect and monitor rapid air leak, accurate to 0.1 Bar. Also, it Supports high-temperature battery protection.

Xiaomi 70mai Automobile Jump Starter:

Xiaomi Jump Starter is a perfect lifeguard for all your power needs! This premium high capacity power kit keeps your vehicles, smartphones, laptops and any USB gadgets running anytime anywhere!! It uses Input of Type-C 5.0V 2.0A and has Output of 5.0V 2.4A. It comes with a Battery Capacity of 11100mah/3. Ideal to jump start your car in the coldest of mornings.

Xiaomi 70mai Automobile Air Purifier:

Maybe you didn’t know but your car is also full of invisible and harmful air substances such as PM2.5 and PM10. Your car's interior also emits some harmful substances such as TVOC. So, a car air purifier is very necessary for you and your family. Xiaomi 70mai Automobile Air Purifier comes with a compact body design made of aluminum alloy and has a CADR value of up to 52m3 / h. This means that it is able to cleanse all of the air in your car within 3.3 minutes.

Baseus 12V Portable Auto Air Compressor: 

Baseus Air compressor has two-step inflation and takes only one second to start inflation. It intelligently stops inflating when tire pressure meets your needs. It also keeps track of intelligent preset tire pressure, no need to manually adjust the tire pressure value. With a size similar to that of a mobile phone, it takes up very little space within your car.

Telescopic 360 Degree Rotation Headrest Mount For Tablet: 

With an adjustable size to fit Tablets and E-Book readers up to 10.1”, the Telescopic 360 Degree Rotation Headrest Mount allows for easy installation. It is designed to keep tablets steady during car rides. The perfect in-car companion mounts almost all tablets and keeps your backseat passengers entertained and also keeps the peace as your kids watch a movie in the back.

KBAYBO Car Aroma Diffuser with Dual Power USB Car Charger: 

KBAYBO Car Aroma Diffuser+Dual USB Port makes for a pleasant air experience in your car along with refreshing the quality of the air you breathe. The purification function allows for 360-degree rotation, to adjust the direction of the aroma and make full dispersion to get rid of the odor and sterilize. The aromatherapy function allows a pleasant smell that helps you lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety.

Automobile Tech and driver assistance from on-board infotainment systems are increasingly becoming mainstream in new car owners and are a hot new segment, with immense possibilities to make your life easier along with safer on-road experience and convenience, which is also true for the embedded Automobile Tech market as a whole. The only question remains for you to figure out what cutting edge technology products fit your needs, without sacrificing your budget.



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